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                                                                          澳门皇冠交流會:Lidar System and Applications

                                                                          日期:2018-05-18 瀏覽量:


                                                                          題目:Lidar System and Applications


                                                                          報告人:WANG Xuan 意大利那不勒斯大學教授






                                                                          AbsractLidar is a very useful tools in the fields of atmosphere environment monitoring, topographic survey andbathymetry. It can be used for low airspace security surveillance. Different application of lidar will be introduced in this presentation. The key technologies of lidar system will be also discussed.





                                                                          Professor Wang Xuan graduated form Università di Napoli "Federico II"in 2001 with a Ph.D degree. He is mainly engaged in the interaction of nanosecond and femtosecond lasers with solid materials (laser ablation), solid-state film materials (plad-pulsed laser ablation deposition),femtosecond laser producing nano-materials and its application as well as aerosol lidar (Lidar) Monitoring and instrument development, and has made outstanding achievements.


                                                                          He presided over the development of a variety of laser radar (Lidar) instrumentation systems and Particle Time Flight spectrometer (TOF MS) and other optical instrument testing equipment,as well chaired a number of Italian, EC and international cooperation research projects. The host participates in the formation of multi-wavelength Raman polarized atmospheric aerosol LiDAR system.


                                                                          As of 2015, in the important international academic journals published more than 150 SCI papers, was cited more than 2300.



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